A response to Mr. Tito’s column about women in wrestling wearing makeup

In November of 2022, NoDQ.com columnist Mr. Tito wrote the following in regards to women in wrestling wearing makeup…

Can we stop excessively painting eyelids in Pro Wrestling? Could we stop using excessive amounts of eyeliner or fake eyelashes, too? Going overboard on make-up subtracts from the natural beauty that many of our female wrestlers actually have…

The following was passed along by Erin R in response to Mr. Tito…

I have never read a NODQ opinion article and been mad after reading it. Maybe I didn’t agree with the article, but I was never angry. I never felt compelled to comment. That all changed last weekend when I read Mr. Tito’s article, basically blasting all women who wear makeup.

I am a makeup wearer. I enjoy wearing makeup. I feel better about myself when I am wearing makeup. Does that make me insecure and fake? The whole article was incredibly condescending and written by someone I assume has never worn makeup. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If a woman is not wearing makeup, she is ugly and should put some on to be more appealing to men. If she has on “too much” makeup, she looks like a clown and must be insecure. Did anyone take a second to think that maybe women aren’t wearing makeup for men? That a man’s opinion of them has nothing to do with why they wear makeup?

Makeup is fun. Makeup is an art form. It is a form of expression for many. Performers all the time, wear makeup to help get into character. Makeup can completely transform you into your character. Wrestling is a live performance. Actors in plays wear stage makeup. Stage makeup is known to be much heavier than everyday makeup. This makeup helps the audience to see the actor’s facial expressions. How is wrestling any different? Being able to see facial expressions is pretty crucial in wrestling.

Mr. Tito brought up female wrestlers from the 90s, like Sable and Sunny, saying that they were/are considered extremely beautiful, but they didn’t wear pounds of makeup. He conveniently forgets about the introduction of HD TV. When these women were on TV, HD did not exist. Every imperfection can and will show. Makeup is available to try to cover up whatever that female would like.

Or just to wear because it’s fun. It is not fair to compare the wrestlers of the 90s to the female wrestlers today. He also mentions superstars posting makeup free selfies on social media; filters do exist. I don’t understand why anyone cares what or how much makeup a woman wears. I don’t understand why anyone feels they have the right to comment on a female’s appearance like that. All these women are beautiful with or without makeup. They aren’t wearing makeup for you. Men, your opinion on this is unwelcome.

Let’s never have this conversation again.”