Update on Austin Theory possibly having a match against John Cena

As previously noted, WWE United States champion Austin Theory did not appear at the December 30th 2022 WWE live event in Toronto as advertised. Until now, there was no reason given for Theory’s absence and he did appear on RAW the following Monday. Fightful Select noted the following about Theory being pulled from the live event…

“Theory was pulled from that show to travel to Tampa, where he was set to film a segment with John Cena. We aren’t told if that was to be digital, for future use, for 2K, but the segment was filmed.”

Fightful added that while there were “loose plans” internally for Cena vs. Logan Paul to take place at Wrestlemania 39, it’s unknown where things stand for that match. Theory has continued to tease a match against Cena and used Cena’s “the champ is here” line during the January 9th 2023 edition of RAW.