Hulk Hogan claims that he received a voice message from Roddy Piper two days after Piper’s death

During an interview with The 700 Club, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan discussed his relationship with Roddy Piper and made a claim about the end of Piper’s life in 2015…

“In the wrestling business for 25 years we couldn’t stand each other, we were at each other’s throats. I know it is predetermined and all that but he did not like me and I did not like him. That’s just how it was. Once we got older and we had some conversations we started talking. He started asking about my spirituality, he didn’t connect but he was very curious. He wouldn’t surrender. All of a sudden he passes away.

There was an A&E special about Roddy Piper. When they go to credits, there is a message. It was not a text message, it was a voice message. But this text message came in two days after he died and the message goes ‘I’m just loving you, my brother. Just walkin’ with Jesus. Walkin’ with Jesus and loving you, my brother,’ I was like, ‘He would have never said that when he was here. It is amazing how things work.” (quotes courtesy of