Matt Hardy explains why he didn’t sign a new contract with AEW

As previously noted, Matt Hardy made his return to TNA Wrestling at the end of the 2024 Rebellion PPV event but is still a free agent.

During his podcast, Matt explained why he didn’t sign a new contract with AEW…

“I think the reason that I did not re-sign with AEW initially was because I want to play a more substantial in what AEW is doing going forward, especially for me on TV. I want to be in something that is important, that is captivating, because that’s what I want, especially with only a few years left to do this. We talked about some stuff and there were some deals, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. We talked more and we’re still talking, talks haven’t ended or ceased.

Never say never, but the reason I left is I’m looking for a little more than I think they were thinking to give me. If they were thinking that was going to make me happy, that’s not necessarily what I was looking for. I still want to be a contributing force on whatever program I am competing for.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)