Comedian Jerry Seinfeld mentions professional wrestling while discussing the launch of his sitcom

During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, comedian Jerry Seinfeld discussed the launch of his sitcom “Seinfeld” on NBC and brought up professional wrestling…

“They gave us a pilot. They didn’t like the pilot. And then Rick Ludwin (NBC executive) said, ‘You know what, I think this show isn’t that bad.’ Everyone disliked it. And Rick Ludwin said, ‘I’m gonna take some money from Saturday Night Wrestling [sic].’ In those days professional wrestling replaced Saturday Night Live once a month. And he took the money from one of those, and it was enough money for us to make four episodes. We made four episodes, they still didn’t like it…” (quote courtesy of

The NBC premiere of “Seinfeld” aired on July 5th 1989 and the four additional episodes of Seinfeld’s first season aired in 1990. The final NBC edition of WWF (WWE) Saturday Night’s Main Event aired on April 27th 1991.