Results of Dominik Mysterio vs. Trick Williams at WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 PLE

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams for the North American title took place during the WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* Dragon Lee was the special guest referee. Dominik, who had a black eye, yelled at Lee over the count in the early moments and Trick took advantage. Dominik quickly slipped to the outside of the ring and attempted to leave with his title but was stopped. The crowd started a “we want Mami” chant.

* Dominik gained the upper hand but once again had an issue with Lee. Dominik hit a 619 and went for a superkick but accidentally hit Lee. Trick hit a neckbreaker and another referee came into the ring. Trick kicked Dominik in the injured eye and went for the cover but Dominik kicked out.

* Dominik ended up taking out the second referee by accident. Dominik went for the frogsplash but missed and Trick went for another cover but there was no referee. As Lee was recovering, Dominik tried to use the title but Trick sent it into Dominik’s face with a jumping knee. Trick then made the cover and Lee counted out Dominik to give Trick the title.