Results of fatal four way match for the tag team titles at WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 PLE

The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) (c) vs. OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) (with Scrypts) vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus Creed and Julius Creed) vs. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza for the tag team titles took place during the WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* Things quickly broke down with all eight men fighting in the ring at the same time. Julius came off the top to the outside onto Humberto and Angel. Order was finally restored.

* After a few minutes, D’Angelo’s knee went out and officials checked on him. D’Angelo was helped to the backstage area and the match continued.

* Scrypts tried to get involved but Ivy Nile took him down on the outside of the ring.

* The Creeds gained the upper hand and cleaned house but then things broke down again. D’Angelo returned to the ring despite officials trying to stop him. There were four superplexes done at the same time and a “this is awesome” chant started.

* The Family ended up scoring the win with their double team finishing move to retain the titles.