Results and videos from Ric Flair’s “last match” in Nashville, TN

Ric Flair and Andrade El Idolo competed against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett (with Karen Jarrett) in the main event of the “Ric Flair’s Last Match” PPV event in Nashville, TN.

The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and Mick Foley were among those at ringside to watch the match. During the PPV, various wrestlers sent in video messages to Flair including Cody Rhodes and Sting.

Flair came to the ring with a white robe and was wearing the big gold belt from WCW/NWA. Flair was wearing tights and a blue top under the robe.

Jarrett teased starting the match with Flair but tagged in to Lethal. Flair and Lethal started the match and the crowd chanted “you still got it” at Flair. Lethal started trash talking and Flair slapped him. Lethal wanted Andrade in the ring so Flair tagged out.

After a few minutes, Flair tagged back in and locked up with Jarrett. Jarrett started taunting and laughed at Flair. Flair responded by doing his strut followed by a crotch chop. Flair started chopping Jarrett and Lethal tried to interfere but he was kicked low by Flair. Jarrett almost walked out of the match but came back before the 10 count. Jarrett stalled for time as the crowd chanted “asshole” at him.

The match continued as Flair hit Lethal in the corner with strikes and chops. Andrade tagged in but then Jarrett took a cheap shot at Andrade from the apron to give his team the upper hand. Flair came back in and chopped both guys. Lethal took Flair’s corner bump and then Flair put the figure four on Lethal but Jarrett broke it up.

With the usage of Karen Jarrett’s shoe, Jarrett and Lethal regained control. Flair started bleeding and his daughter Megan tried to get involved. Karen yelled “I’ll f***ing kill you” at Megan and the attack on Flair continued. Flair tried to fight back by poking Lethal in the eyes.

Back in the ring, Lethal hit Flair with a suplex and went for the pin but Andrade made the save. Jarrett put the figure four on Flair but Andrade made the save again. Lethal continued working over Flair as the crowd started a “Nature Boy” chant. Lethal went for a big elbow but missed and Flair tagged out to Andrade.

Andrade was by himself against Lethal and Jarrett but Lethal accidentally kicked Jarrett as well as the referee. Jarrett grabbed a guitar and went to hit Flair. However, Andrade pulled Flair away and Lethal got hit by mistake.

Conrad Thompson gave brass knuckles to Andrade. Andrade gave the knuckles to Flair and Flair hit Jarrett with them. Flair put Jarrett in the figure four and another referee ran down to count Jarrett out. Confetti was lowered as Andrade helped up Flair. Flair went by the guardrail to celebrate with his family. The Undertaker whispered something to Flair and Hart gave him a fist bump.

Tony Schiavone spoke with Flair and called him the greatest professional wrestler ever. Flair was emotional as he thanked everyone for coming out. Flair said the fans are what makes him and the other wrestlers tick. Flair said he doesn’t remember half of the match but hopes he didn’t let people down. Flair wrapped up the interview by saying he’d be going to downtown Nashville with Kid Rock. As Flair walked up the ramp, Lethal gave him a hug.

Here are videos from the match…