Kris Statlander comments on the privacy of wrestlers being “violated” by fans that wait for them at airports and hotels

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW’s TBS champion Kris Statlander commented on the issues that wrestlers face in public places…

“I’m not a fan of when fans wait at airports and hotels. We are not technically at work at that time, you know, and it’s just like most travel has been so hectic lately that a lot of us just cannot be bothered to put on a happy face sometimes. Some of us we have a lot of real-life things to deal with, and it’s like sometimes we’re not always our best selves, especially when traveling. We don’t feel our best.”

“Also, knowing that I’m going to a hotel and if there is fans there and, I feel like I’m not able to kind of relax and have some privacy and some free time. It’s just unfortunate that people feel so comfortable violating our privacy.” (quotes courtesy of