Worst thing about AEW… Psycho Fans

After the last AEW column and twitter beef with an AEW Wrestler, I decided to take a step back. Not because of fear of fan backlash but I didn’t want to lower myself to insults.

But after seeing what has gone on for the last few months with other people and the doxing of their lives, I am done. Its time to make a statement that nobody wants to state but a lot of us are thinking.

You AEW stans are the biggest reason people hate the company and want it to fail.

Congratulations as you have done something that nobody thought was possible. I always thought those knuckleheads would be the worst of the worst for non-violent criminals you rooted got curb stomped. But AEW stans have matched them and taken it to a whole different level.

In their mind, they don’t see what they are doing is wrong at all. They are defending the company and the product, which they believe has no fault. Tony Khan is a great guy who is one of them and has created this awesome company. And there is always an excuse that they come up with or an insult to those who point out their flaws.

If you bring up the fact that there is no “authority” that gets control of the booking or the locker room, you’re met with jeers and sexual insults. If you bring up some of the scary botches that happen in the ring, they petition to shut your accounts down and threaten you.

The most recent example was @AllEliteB0tches who had the “pleasure” of being forced off twitter due to getting an email with his family photo, residential address, and kid’s school address. All because he mentioned and pointed out how bad some of the wrestling is in the ring.

Congratulations AEW stans, you got what you wanted. You bullied a man trying to keep wrestlers safe by pushing change off Twitter. Now you can go back to watching guys get dropped on their head while chanting “This is Awesome!”.

Most of us started off liking AEW and rooting for them because we wanted the industry to change. We wanted wrestlers to have a place they could earn money without being tied down to the WWE. A place that could make WWE better because they had legit competition.

And for a while we thought it was going to be AEW and that it had a chance. But over the last year the company has gotten worse, the ratings and attendance have tanked, and the product has become stale at times.

But the worst has become the AEW stans who literally just are creepy and crazy.

Go on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media places and check out how they behave. They will say things like how you hope to do some sexual thing to yourself, or that you’re probably a virgin, and even say that you need to be physically harmed. All for pointing out things wrong with the company.

It’s a wrestling company. Not their families, or their pets or even someone close to them. A wrestling company.

For what its worth I have also criticized WWE for its booking and its writing and don’t get nearly a tenth the amount of hostility that I get from AEW stans. It’s a telling sign that shows just how crazy and delusional theses idiots are.

If you don’t like something, have a civilized argument instead of making snide remarks. It goes a long way and you get more results as I have had debates with bigger sports writers or people than AEW fan boys. And because I don’t curse them out, insult their parents, make sexual references… THEY ACTUALLY LISTEN! Sometimes they will even agree with me.

Then again, I am a grown adult with a real job, have covered other sports, actually been in public without wearing an pro wrestling T-Shirt for most of my life.

But I understand the anger because you’re the unwanted bastard stepchildren. WWE has no interest in bringing you back because you are a cancer to the crowds. You are the idiots who cheer “You fucked up” when wrestlers screw up. Yes, Taya Valkyrie missed a drop kick… you idiots would have pulled your quad just stepping into the ropes.

But now, you have done what the WWE, the Elite, Tony Khan or even Jim Cornette couldn’t do… you have made people root for the AEW to collapse.

That’s right, a lot of people want the AEW to fold simply because of the AEW violent, crazy, creepy, and psycho fans.

To the AEW fans who are somewhat normal to normal, I also blame you because you encourage them. When they bully people on Twitter or Instagram, you do nothing about it. When people are doxed because they point out flaws that should be fixed, you do nothing about it. When columnists like AEW Botches, Mr. Tito, Alyssa and others are bullied in the comments and insulted… you do nothing.

Right now, the only reason I root for AEW is because I want the wrestlers to get a paycheck. I get how tough it is in the economy and especially in pro wrestling to make money. But each time I see you people (and I use the term loosely) behave like this, I find myself despising AEW more and more.

If you love this company, you should be wanting more out of it… not just defending it no matter what. If you have a problem with an article, respond and bring up points with facts. Don’t insult us because we will ignore you and write you off as being a creep.

But at this point, I have given up on trying to reason with AEW stans. They don’t care, everything is awesome, AEW is a success and so on even though it’s the opposite.

So, congratulations once again as you have done the near impossible.

You have made a lot of people root for AEW to collapse and fold so you can crawl back to your hole.

Great job people!

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