Cameron Grimes reveals that Logan Paul reached out to him after he was released from WWE

Earlier this week, Cameron Grimes announced that he was released from WWE. During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Grimes stated the following…

“This is going to sound like weird because the level of star he is. Logan Paul actually reached out to me. And I thought that was pretty cool because, you know what I mean, he’s a megastar really — and even beyond past wrestling. He reached out to me and said some stuff to me. So that helps me feel good.”

“And over the past year, Shane Helms, I want to go ahead and put his name out there, he’s always been very pivotal in my career. And he did so much for me. In the past year — he’s the guy behind Logan Paul. No one knows that because he doesn’t want to say it, but he’s the guy behind Logan Paul. Every time Logan’s going to have a match, he’s the one that’s helping him.

In the past couple matches, I was Shane’s helper to Logan. So I got to be around them and kind of help that. So that was something that was really cool. This WrestleMania, I got to help be a part of that triple threat match and help kind of put some pieces together for that. So that was incredible for me. Literally two weeks ago I was at the biggest WrestleMania of all time and I was sitting in Gorilla [position] for a match that I got to help kind of — I didn’t put the whole thing together but I got to help put pieces to that.” (quotes courtesy of