Powerhouse Hobbs was reportedly injured during AEW Dynamite match with Jon Moxley

As seen during the April 24th 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jon Moxley defeated Powerhouse Hobbs to retain the IWGP title. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com stated the following…

“I want to start by wishing the best to [Powerhouse] Hobbs. If you watched the show last night, that was not a worked knee injury. He went for a high cross or something and smashed into the turnbuckles and injured his knee. He could barely walk, and he hopped his way back into the ring, hopped into like two spots, and got choked out. There was more they were going to do.

So, if you note, there was going to be an overrun…The Hobbs match was obviously supposed to go longer than it did. We don’t know the extent of his knee injury yet, except that it is real. Hopefully, it is not bad. All the best to Hobbs as he figures out this knee injury.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)