News regarding there being concern within WWE’s NXT brand heading into the 2024 Draft

The 2024 WWE Draft begins on the April 26th edition of Smackdown and continues on the April 29th edition of RAW. According to Corey Brennan of Fightful Select, there is a fear within NXT that the brand may be “picked dry” in the Draft. Fightful noted the following…

“There is also concern about many talent not knowing if they are being called up to the main roster, with no talent Brennan spoke with being aware of their status as of Friday morning. This has led to the concern that WWE will be calling talent up without a plan, which has been a heavy criticism of NXT callups in recent years.”

It was also stated that names from NXT were intentionally hidden from the Draft pools in order to create a surprise factor.

It was previously reported that Ilja Dragunov was expected to join the main roster once he lost the NXT title which he did this past Tuesday.