Backstage news regarding the future of WWE NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov

WWE NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is scheduled to defend his title against Tony D’Angelo at the 2024 Stand and Deliver PLE. In regards to Dragunov’s future, Corey Brennan of noted that Dragunov is not planned for a main roster call-up at this time. However, Dragunov is expected to join the main roster once he loses the NXT title.

According to Brennan, Dragunov has earned a reputation of needing very little direction from the producers and some in NXT reportedly feel that he is beyond the brand at this stage of his career. Furthermore, it’s being said that Dragunov is well-liked for elevating other talent and being easy to work with.

Brennan also stated the following…

“In the broader scheme of WWE, the belief of several in NXT is that WWE see Ilja Dragunov in the same vein as Gunther and have plans to push him in a similar capacity to the Intercontinental Champion once he makes his way to the main roster.”