AEW star “shocked” by Dolph Ziggler’s release from WWE because “he always played ball”

On Thursday, multiple WWE superstars were released from the company following Endeavor’s acquisition including Dolph Ziggler. During Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa reacted to the news of Ziggler’s release…

“That’s the one that I was the most shocked [by]. First of all, he’s like the nicest human being. I’ve seen him a couple times at the airport and he remembers your name. He’s super sweet. For me, it was one of those guys that I never thought that [WWE] were going to let go because he always played ball.”

“For me, when I used to watch him, one of the things that I really enjoy as a worker is how impeccable his work was, and how great he makes all his opponents look the way that he sold, the way that he told the story. He seemed to have fun [with] what he was doing, regardless if it was little or not too much. I never really saw him being that type of person that would be complaining on social media about the lack of opportunities. Every time that he had an opportunity, he ran with it, and he did what he needed to do.” (quotes courtesy of