Dax Harwood addresses people being unhappy with his podcast comments

As previously noted, there were people in AEW reportedly unhappy with Dax Harwood’s podcast comments about his desire to see CM Punk and The Elite work things out following their backstage altercation from September of 2022. “Road Dogg” Brian James also responded to podcast comments made by Harwood.

During his latest podcast, Harwood addressed people being unhappy with his comments…

“There were some people that didn’t like a lot of the things I said and that’s okay. I still have the same love for you that I do for the people that love me, because, man, you’re a wrestling fan and you’re passionate. So I’ve been there and I completely understand where you’re coming from. But man, more often than not, people loved it. You know, they absolutely loved the podcast, they love the openness. And like I said, on our screener, one thing I will never ever do is I’ll never lie to my fans. Because I think if I lied to them, they could see right through me, or if I think I was sugar coating anything, they’d see right through me. And I don’t ever want to do that. Bret [Hart] said that you can never go wrong by telling the truth, you know. In short, maybe exaggerating, or lying could help you and make you feel better. But in the long run, telling the truth is always the way to go. And so I’m going to pride myself on always telling the truth.” (quote courtesy of ITRWrestling.com)