Damian Priest addresses rumor regarding Judgment Day’s creative direction

It was reported back in June of 2022 that Judgment Day was possibly going to be moving in a “supernatural” creative direction which Edge was said to have been opposed to.

In an interview with DigitalSpy.com, Damian Priest addressed the rumor…

“I guess I understand why people thought that I don’t know where the actual rumor came from that that’s what was planned, because it never was. If anything, we had conversations of how we didn’t want that and that included Vince [McMahon] himself, who did not want the group to be supernatural-based. We were all in agreement.”

“We did some things that seemed that way, I know I did a thing with lightning one night, and the idea wasn’t about supernatural, but it came off that way and then we immediately went, ‘OK, let’s not revisit that because it came off that way’.”