John Cena comments on Clash at the Castle and possible 17th world title run

John Cena appeared at the 2022 Wales Comic Con and here are the highlights from his Q&A…

Clash at the Castle: “I’ve been coming to Cardiff to fight for 15-plus years, and every time, it’s exciting and amazing. I’m not going to be at Clash (At The Castle).”

Possibly becoming a 17-time world champion: “That’s a very difficult question. Like I said, I know I’m not done in the ring. But I am realistic with where I’m at in my life. I’m 45 and I can tell you from being a 16-time champion, it is very tough to win. The top of that mountain is a young man’s game. So I’m not done in the ring. but I’m not certain that that’s in the cards. We’ll see. [There are] stories yet to be told, because if I’m in the ring, I got a chance. I am just saying I’ve been there, so kudos to the young guys doing it.” (quotes courtesy of