Report on Tiffany Stratton’s status with WWE after she receives fan backlash over Instagram video

WWE star Tiffany Stratton received fan backlash over a video that was shared to her Instagram story. It was a video of Tiffany knocking Jade Cargill off the ring apron but the issue was that there was also audio of a person using the phrase “black bitch.”

Tiffany is scheduled for a Queen of the Ring tournament match against Bianca Belair on Smackdown but internet speculation about Tiffany’s status grew when the match wasn’t listed on WWE’s website for a period of time. The match has since been added to the official lineup.

Mike Johnson of provided an update on the situation…

“After speaking to several credible sources, we are told she’s absolutely not in trouble for anything internally within WWE and that Stratton’s been nothing but praised by management and other talents since moving to the main roster a few months back. Despite the rumors, we are told that Stratton’s status within the company is unchanged and she remains on good footing, as she’s seen as someone with a very high upside by management.”