Why Eva Marie’s return to WWE television was delayed

In late 2020, it was first reported that Eva Marie was returning to WWE. In an interview with Graham GSM Matthews of BleacherReport.com, Eva Marie talked about why she didn’t appear on WWE television until several months after it was reported that she was returning…

“There’s always so many things where creatively, story-wise, there were so many things where I was going to come back before ‘Mania, and then I wasn’t,” she said. “Timing is everything, and just making sure it made sense. That’s kind of where it was at where I thought I was returning a lot sooner, and then it didn’t make sense. Wrestlemania wasn’t the right moment, and right after wasn’t, either. It was just looking for that right little slot to insert the storyline and create it and start it.”

Eva Marie Shoots on WWE Raw Return, Her Critics, Facing Bayley, NXT Run and More

WWE Graham GSM Matthews @@WrestleRant Twitter Logo Featured Columnist Credit: WWE.com Love her or loathe her, Eva Marie has succeeded in getting the WWE Universe talking about her since resurfacing on Raw in June. Upon debuting for the company in the summer of 2013, the former Total Divas star was among the most polarizing performers on the roster.