What is being said about WWE’s interest in signing a current NJPW champion

On Monday, reports came out that WWE has interest in signing the current NJPW Strong Women’s champion Giulia and she could end up traveling to the Performance Center in the near future. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com commented on the potential signing…

“So this is the Giulia story. She’s under contract until March. So, up until March, nothing’s happening. I know Mike Johnson… was correct in reporting that there’s interest, but there’s been interest in her since 2019. It is a story now because there’s more interest in her now, but she’s not going anywhere until March. The thing with Guila is, she was born in England, but she doesn’t know [fluent] English… She does have the look, but she’s going to have to learn English… The part about her going to the Performance Center, I’ve had people deny that.”

“We’ll find out, but I was told that her schedule is booked for the rest of the year. She is coming to the United States in January for the show in San Jose, but she’s under contract and, unless Bushiroad gives the okay and I don’t know why they would, she wouldn’t really be allowed to do a WWE tryout right now. So I don’t know if that one is happening. I asked at WWE and they also told me the same thing, they told me that was not happening but they’re very interested in her.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)