WWE Producer comments on CM Punk’s backstage demeanor since returning to the company

While speaking to Jonathan Coachman and Tommy Carlucci on Behind The Turnbuckle, WWE producer Shane “Hurricane” Helms commented on which return was the bigger surprise between Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. Here was Helms’ response…

“Punk was definitely the bigger shock, for sure. I didn’t think he was ever going to come back just because of the bad blood with past administrations and some of the stuff that was said online while he was gone. You also have to realize that we all say stupid stuff and get some anger. Maybe we were feeling that way at that time. There is definitely stuff I have said in the past and people are like, ‘Did you mean it?’ At the time, I did. I might not feel that way now, but that’s how you grow as a person.

In terms of Phil [Punk] backstage, he’s been a pleasure since he’s been back. I didn’t have problems with him to begin with, so I’m not surprised he’s been a pleasure with me, but I haven’t heard anything bad, either.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)