Vince McMahon said to be out of the WWE creative process “at the moment”

As previously noted, the belief within WWE is that Triple H is now making the majority of creative decisions in the company and not Vince McMahon.

Dave Meltzer of is also reporting that Triple H is the person in charge of WWE’s creative process and he’s the one making all the “key” decisions. It was noted by Meltzer that Bruce Prichard is a conduit between creative, talent relations, and talent services while Ed Koskey is the operations person who keeps the scripts flowing.

Meltzer also stated the following…

“Vince McMahon is out of the creative process, but it was stressed to me the term ‘at the moment.’ McMahon is still the person in charge of the company with the most power but Levesque [Triple H] is running creative and Nick Khan is making the business moves.”