AEW President Tony Khan calls out “WWE avatar accounts” that send him spam messages

As previously noted, AEW President Tony Khan’s shot at WWE NXT for drawing under a million television viewers was reportedly a response to people that criticize Dynamite for not hitting a million viewers on a weekly basis despite the shows ranking in the top spots on cable.

On Friday, Khan wrote the following via Twitter/X…

“This weekend marks 1 year since @MayoClinic saved my mom’s life. During her ordeal many AEW talent came to me alleging WWE tampering, inducing them to break their contracts. I’ll never forget these phone calls at her side in the hospital; it’s when business became personal for me. This is nothing new, I mentioned it last year after she came home. It’s relevant today because she checked in for surgery 1 year ago today. As I’ve mentioned several times since, @MayoClinic are heroes and thanks to them, her recovery from a very grim outlook has been a miracle.”

“Not that I should be surprised, but the same WWE avatar accounts that spam me every day, no matter what I say or what it’s about, now turning their wrath to Mom recovering from a near death experience, is why I straight hate these people to the bottom of my heart with all my soul.”