Toni Storm on her time in WWE: “They kind of just crushed my love for wrestling”

During an appearance on Renee Paquette‘s podcast, AEW star Toni Storm talked about why she decided to leave WWE..

“I didn’t feel that appreciated a lot, you know what I mean? And I just felt like they didn’t, at times, have very much respect for me and it just was — it totally — I feel like over time, they kind of just crushed my love for wrestling. It just wasn’t even wrestling anymore. You’re not even allowed to say ‘wrestling’. You get put in a group text like, ‘Don’t say professional wrestling in promos’ and this and the other and I’m like, oh yeah, I understand but like whatever, but this — I don’t know. Over time, it just kind of — there’s so much f*ckery, you know? So much bullsh*t, each to their own. Some people don’t get that and some people do and I was just sick of it, I was just tired of — what am I doing this for? What am I trying to prove to anyone? Will anyone think any differently of me really? Will people really care where I go and do fake wrestling moves? Do people really care that bad that I’ve gotta be miserable day in, day out? Just because people will go, ‘Oh, that was ungrateful and she shouldn’t have done that,’ blah, blah. Well I was unhappy and why should I be unhappy? So that I can do WrestleMania? Okay. That’s nice and everything but I’m still gonna be miserable the next day, and I thought my whole purpose in life was to go to WWE but then over time, I realized, it’s just pro wrestling that I love. It’s not a company that I love. I just love pro wrestling, what it is.” (quote courtesy of