Tommaso Ciampa comments on the state of the WWE NXT brand in 2023

During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Tommaso Ciamp commented on the state of the WWE NXT brand in 2023…

“So I actually stopped by the Performance Center and the vibe there and the energy, I don’t want to say it’s — It is. It’s exactly what it used to be. It had a tough spin. It had a tough time with NXT 2.0, the adjustments, the color scheme changes. Everything. The vibe was different for a while. It’s hungry again and it’s competitive again and it’s a team effort again. It was a really cool thing to see and I kept saying that to everybody down there. All the producers & head coaches, Shawn [Michaels], Matt [Bloom], everybody. That crowd was as electric as anything I’d ever seen for a TakeOver. It was the first time watching that I thought ‘Man, this is the Black and Gold feel.’ They were crazy.”

“All these new talents and acts have now stepped past that point of being new and they’re developed and they have characters and they’ve got backstory. You can connect [with them.] It was cool to see. It’s cool to see Carmelo Hayes be a full package. It’s cool to see Trick Williams break out like crazy over the last few months. Ilja Dragunov is [on the] next level. He is full package and ready to go. You can toss that guy on a pay-per-view tomorrow and he is going to deliver.” (quotes courtesy of