Tessa Blanchard possibly had a falling out with the WOW promotion

According to a report by Fightful Select, Women of Wrestling (WOW) talent are claiming that Tessa Blanchard recently had a falling out with the company and her status is uncertain. Blanchard was first announced for WOW relaunch back in October of 2021.

Fightful also ntoed the following…

“We do not know her status for this week’s WOW tapings, but that will likely paint a broader picture. The issue within verifying the information is that many of the people who work for WOW have signed non-disclosure agreements and fear backlash from the company or Blanchard when speaking out. Based on those we’ve spoken to, many within WOW seem to think both have more power within wrestling than they actually do.”

WOW’s official Twitter account did publish a photo of Blanchard in action shortly after the report came out.