Speculation about Steve Austin having another match in WWE fueled by new video

As previously noted, Steve Austin is reportedly open to doing another match following his WWE Wrestlemania 38 appearance. Speculation about Austin having another match at Wrestlemania 39 in California has been fueled by a new workout video published to his Instagram story.

In the video, Austin was doing cardio training and during a 2014 interview with Wade Keller of PWTorch.com, Austin talked about needing several months of preparation if he was going to do another match…

“Pro wrestling is a work, but it’s intense and if you haven’t been around doing it on the road, you’re not in shape. Really, you would have to go into at least a 3-to-4-month training campaign to get ready and focus solely on that match. Now, the match itself shouldn’t be that complex. It’s getting into the proper shape, getting into the mindset, getting the body back, taking the bumps, getting the timing down, knocking off all the ring rust because you can’t go in there having all the ring rust if this is the final, final or just another big match that hasn’t happened in 12, 13, 14 years. You don’t take that lightly.”