Report: Tony Khan’s relationship with CM Punk “might be getting to the point of beyond repair”

As previously noted, it was confirmed by Sports Illustrated that CM Punk and Jack Perry have been suspended by AEW due to their backstage altercation at the 2023 All In PPV event.

Wade Keller of noted that prior to the incident with Perry, Punk was said to have already been upset about not being picked up at the airport by anyone associated with AEW. Keller was told by AEW sources that President Tony Khan’s relationship with Punk “might be getting to the point of beyond repair” after what happened at All In and Keller noted the following about the backstage situation between Khan and Punk…

“PWTorch has learned Punk confronted TK in front of others and then in his locker room in what has been characterized as a heated, intense manner and, at one point, according to three sources who have heard about the situation, told Khan he quit and chewed out Khan with harsh phrasing.”

Keller added that AEW wrestlers and personnel are openly speculating whether Punk is looking to remove himself “entirely” from AEW at this point and if Khan might be having the same thoughts about Punk.