What is being said about rumors that CM Punk nearly got into a backstage altercation with Miro

As previously noted, it was confirmed by Sports Illustrated that CM Punk and Jack Perry have been suspended by AEW due to their backstage altercation at the 2023 All In PPV event.

In one of the initial reports about Punk’s incident with Perry, it was claimed that Perry approached CM Punk backstage and “stepped in his face” and “bumped” Punk. Punk was said to have then pushed Perry and then Perry allegedly “came at Punk and got choked.”

AEW star Miro addressed this claim by tweeting that it was “fake and untrue.”

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com said the following…

“Apparently, there was another near incident when CM Punk and I heard this from multiple people again. When CM Punk came through the curtain, Miro starts coming up and he’s like ‘what happened with Jack Perry?’ CM Punk is like ‘oh so now you got a problem with me now?’ So they get into an argument and basically it’s like, ‘you wanna step outside?’ I don’t know what happened but I do know they didn’t step outside and CM Punk ended up back in the trainer’s room. But apparently, there was an issue with Miro and CM Punk and that’s why Miro has been all over Twitter the last couple of days…” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

In response to what Alvarez said, Nick Hausman of HausOfWrestling.com tweeted “FWIW (for what it’s worth) I am being told this is not true.” In addition to that, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com stated the following about the rumor that there was a confrontation between Punk and Miro…

“We are told by several that was not the case. We are also told Punk, Miro and Brody King all traveled to and arrived at the Stadium together in the same vehicle.”