New details about what allegedly happened backstage between CM Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All In

As previously noted, there was reportedly a backstage confrontation between CM Punk and Jack Perry at the 2023 All In PPV event. Click here for initial details on what allegedly happened.

Since then, Nick Hausman of was able to obtain more information about the incident. Hausman was told the following…

“Punk was waiting in the Gorilla position before the show went live for his match against Samoa Joe when Perry entered the area and walked up to him. Punk initiated the verbal exchange between the two, asking Perry if he had something to say, and the conversation quickly escalated, leading to Perry asking Punk to ‘do something about it.’

This is when Punk shoved Perry, Perry responded by shoving Punk back, and then Punk put him in what is being described as a chokehold. We’re told Punk viewed putting Perry in a chokehold as a way to neutralize the situation, as he’s a trained fighter and does not want to have to fight Perry. No punches were thrown, as far as we know.”

Punk reportedly went to his dressing room after his match to clean up and then spoke with AEW security. It’s believed that Punk himself suggested that he leave the building under the circumstances. According to Hausman, Punk left the building “of his own accord” and met up with some of the talent after the show.

Hausman doesn’t believe that there has been much communication, if any, between Punk and AEW since the incident. Hausman added that Punk’s future with AEW appears to be questionable.