Paul Heyman comments on a WWE NXT star that could become “a significant player” in the future

In an interview with, Paul Heyman said the following about WWE NXT star Tiffany Stratton…

“Tiffany Stratton is someone that Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair and the main roster women better keep their eyes on because she’s another one who, if she continues on this path, is going to be a significant player in the future of this industry and leading the industry into the future.”

“I thought Tiffany Stratton not only held her own in the ring with Becky Lynch, I thought in the promos that she did with Becky Lynch she more than held her own as well. That’s no easy task for someone that hasn’t been on the main roster for a long time, let alone for any time. Tiffany held her own in a very tense situation with Becky Lynch and looked great doing it. And it wasn’t because Becky Lynch knew how to carry her through the segment. It was because Tiffany knew how to present herself, and she did it quite well – very impressive.”