Kyle O’Reilly provides an update on his long road to recovery from neck surgery

Kyle O’Reilly, who has not wrestled since the June 8th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, has been recovering from neck surgery. In a post via Instagram, O’Reilly provided an update on his recovery…

“I had my neck fused last September to fix some nerves that had gotten themselves compressed somehow. I’m sure a career of landing on my head for a living played a role but sadly we’ll never know. Regardless, I had been in pain and losing strength in my right arm for some time and no amount of tape or denial could delay my surgery any longer.

Unfortunately, I suffered from a rare post-surgical complication and suddenly I couldn’t move my arm at all. ‘C5 palsy’ the doctor said, and ‘nerves take a long time to heal.’ So I was left to be patient and test my perseverance.

Needless to say it was disheartening to relearn activities like brushing my teeth and wiping my ass with my left hand. My career wasn’t in question any longer, it was my quality of life. But focusing on what I could control every day kept me sane, such as being the best father I could possibly be. Every other moment has been spent rehabbing, dry needling and training.

A few months ago I discovered the Neubie device @neufitrfp an electric stim machine that runs on direct current akin to the human nervous system. The machine has many terrific uses but specializes in helping those with post-surgical neurological injuries.

Within a month of using the Neubie I once again had full range of motion in my shoulder. My nerves are all online again and firing with enough power to get the dinosaurs back in their pens.

Grateful for the support of my friends and fans over this last year and to the Neubie device and my trainer @unconventional_strength and diet coach @thediabeticfighter for not only giving me back my quality of life but for getting me closer to my ultimate goal; a return to the ring.

The wrestling ring has felt like an oasis in the desert for me these last 12 months. I know if I keep walking I’ll eventually reach it but I don’t know if it’ll just disappear when I get there like a mirage. I’m so parched, all I want to do is get to the oasis and drink to quench my thirst but I have to be careful or I’ll trip in the sand or collapse from the heat. I guess that’s why this is taking so long, patience and perseverance.

The good news is I can see the oasis now, it’s definitely not a mirage.”