Cody Rhodes rumored opponent for the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank PLE

As previously noted, Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar III is reportedly scheduled to be “one of the main events” for the 2023 WWE Summerslam PLE.

In regards to Cody’s status for the Money in the Bank PLE, he is currently not a participant for the men’s ladder match. Twitter account Boozer aka Better Wrestling Experience #BWE, which has been leaking plans for WWE television in recent weeks, wrote that Cody could end up facing Dominik Mysterio at MITB.

BWE noted that two paths are being discussed for Cody vs. Dominik until Lesnar makes his return to WWE television. One path is a “mixed match” as Brandi Rhodes recently teased the idea of getting physically involved with Rhea Ripley. Another path is Cody teaming up with Seth Rollins in a “temporary alliance” to face Judgment Day. Rollins is expected to face Finn Balor at MITB.

In other Judgment Day news, BWE wrote that JD Mcdonagh “will need to make a statement” if he wants to join the group.