CJ Perry (formerly Lana) believes that “storytelling” is her strength as a wrestling personality

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, AEW personality CJ Perry (Lana) commented on how her AEW character is different from what she was doing in WWE…

“Talk fast [laughs]. It is [a different character], for sure. I would like to look at it as a different character because it’s a different television show, and also just with everything, you’re not gonna compare a CW ‘Riverdale’ show to ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Shonda Rhimes’ show on ABC. These different networks have a different fan base for a reason. One might have more relationship stuff. One might be more procedural. So that’s how it is, I think with wrestling too.

AEW is a much more match-driven company, while WWE is more entertainment-driven. Both of them, I believe should all be storytelling-driven because as human beings, we all connect with stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrestling, TikTok, sitting by the fire, country music. So I think that is important, but if WWE wants the relationships and the fluff and the entertainment, AEW is match-driven, but we still need stories, and I believe that’s what is my strength, is storytelling and really thinking about all those small things and connecting with people,” (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)