Rob Van Dam’s response to criticism of AEW featuring wrestlers over the age of 50

As seen during the October 25th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, Rob Van Dam teamed up with Hook and defeated The Dark Order. One wrote wrote to RVD, “I see Dave Meltzer is criticizing AEW for relying on wrestlers over 50.” Here was RVD’s response…

“I believe it’s a homoerotic thing where certain men, maybe Dave, prefer to look at young undressed men and after a certain age, they’re not into it as much. Gotta be, right? What else could it be except a personal, visual pleasure? Anyone know?”

“All I know is 52 year old RVD would beat the shit out of 25 year old RVD, but there’s a weird desire to see younger men- closer to high school I guess- for some fans to satisfy their flesh peddling visual status. No joke.”