WWE reportedly declines to renew the broadcast contract of Jerry “The King” Lawler

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com was able to confirm with multiple sources that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is no longer working for WWE as it’s believed the company quietly declined to renew his broadcast contract. Lawler’s WWE deal reportedly expired at the onset of 2024 and news of his departure only started to make the rounds in recent weeks.

Johnson noted that people he spoke to were surpised about Lawler being gone from WWE and Johnson stated the following in regards to the situation…

“One source commented that under the previous ownership, Lawler would have always been ‘taken care of’ and connected with the company in some way contractually, but this is a ‘new era.’

‘The old company is dead,’ they remarked. ‘People can say they hate Vince [McMahon] and Kevin [Dunn] all they want, and they’d be right to do so, but certain people would have been taken care of. Lawler would have been one, but this isn’t the old WWE. Howard Finkel, God bless him, wouldn’t have had a job for life here anymore, either.'”