AEW Rampage spoilers for April 8th 2022 episode

After the April 6th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite went off the air, matches were taped for the April 8th 2022 edition of Rampage. Here are the results courtesy of’s Josh Nason…

* Bryan Danielson defeated Trent Beretta

William Regal came out on commentary.

This was an entertaining match that was exactly what you would expect. The fans did the “You’re gonna get your f**kin’ head kicked in chant” early on.

Action spilled to the outside as Beretta took Danielson over with a reverse Frankensteiner. He then skinned the cat, but got kicked in the midsection when he jumped off the apron down.

A Danielson tope was reversed into a back suplex, but Beretta then ran shoulder-first into the stairs.

Both guys emptied out the tanks near the end. There was a pin attempt exchange, followed by a Beretta jumping and spinning DDT. He later reversed an avalanche back suplex attempt, landing on top of Danielson. He hit a half and half suplex and a spinning clothesline, but that wasn’t enough.

Danielson hit his running knee strike, a Gotch-style piledriver, ten stomps to the face and a nasty face crank/crossface chicken wing of sorts for the win.

* Lexy Nair attempted a backstage interview with Hook who didn’t say anything as he ate a bag of chips. He left and when he threw the chips away, Danhausen popped out of the trash can and attempted to put a hex on him. Hook tossed the chips and left, leaving Danhausen (still in the can) to retrieve said chips and eat them.

* Scorpio Sky in-ring promo with Ethan Page and Dan Lambert

The TNT Champion defended his decision to end the open door challenge. Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti came out (and got some boos and a ‘shut the f*ck up’ chant). The two went back and forth with Lambert delivering a Bill Buckner ball between the legs joke.

Page said he hopes his daughter doesn’t end up like Conti. Guevara said he doesn’t care. The boos for Guevara and Conti kept growing. They said they will keep coming out until they get the match they want and to wait until next week. The crowd reaction to what are supposed to be the babyfaces was interesting.

* Swerve Strickland defeated QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo)

Strickland got tossed over the top and essentially planted his hands on the apron and glided back to his feet in a 360 in an impressive spot.

Comoroto and Solo later got kicked out after attempting to interfere.

Strickland won with the flatliner followed by a surprise kick to the back of the head for the pin. This went a few minutes too long.

Ricky Starks came out from the commentary table and challenged Strickland for a tag match next Wednesday in New Orleans between he and Powerhouse Hobbs against Strickland and Lee.

* Red Velvet defeated Willow Nightingale in an Owen Hart Tournament qualifying match

This was Nightingale’s Rampage debut and the crowd was behind her with lots of “Let’s Go Willow” and “Willow” chants.

Nightingale missed a back moonsault which opened up a Velvet offensive flurry, running knees and a superkick for a near fall.

A Nightingale spinebuster got two, followed by a big pounce that got the fans on their feet. The straps came down and she hit a rolling cannonball in the corner for a two count.

It wasn’t to be. A pinning sequence got all screwed up which led to Velvet hitting a spinning kick for the pin which the fans hated.

* Jon Moxley defeated Wheeler Yuta

This was incredible and better than the Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston match in the same building back in October.

This was preceded by an intense promo between the two. This started at about 11;15 PM and the vast majority of the fans stuck around.

Yuta dove at Moxley before he could get in the ring which led to a big brawl in the crowd. This was competitive early and got the fans doing dueling chants for both guys. Moxley threw Yuta into the stairs which busted him open which changed everything. Moxley did some pushups waiting for him to come in which got some boos.

Moxley hit a superplex into a straight jacket choke of sort which Yuta escaped. That was followed by a Texas cloverleaf which he also escaped.

At this point, Yuta had the full crimson mask going. He hit a crossbody on Moxley from the ringpost to the outside, putting Moxley through a table.

Yuta later hit a sequence of rolling belly to back suplexes, but got stopped at the second one. He then rebounded with an Olympic Slam. He later hit a big splash off the top for two and smeared blood from his face all over his chest like a wildman. The crowd went crazy as things kept intensifying.

Yuta got revenge on Moxley for biting his head and racking his back earlier with his own such moves. He later kicked out of Dirty Deeds after jumping off the top rope into it. He fought out of a bulldog choke, survived Moxley’s knees to the head and got in his own bulldog choke.

He survived Moxley elbows and then kicked out of the Death Rider which fans could not believe. Eventually, Moxley got a sleeper/rear naked choke for the tapout to end this. Insane.

Danielson and Regal then entered the ring and Regal kept teasing he was going to nail Yuta. Yuta told them to bring it on, but they stood and talked with fans chanting “shake his hand.”

Eventually, Regal did and you would have thought Yuta won the AEW World title. It appears he is now part of the Blackpool Combat Club.

After the show, Tony Khan came out again and was jumping around in excitement. He raised Yuta’s hand and said, “A star is born!”