CM DONE: Why AEW needs to fire Punk

Let me get this off my chest; I used to be a huge CM Punk fan. When he first entered the WWE, I was happy. And as he continued to succeed despite management being dragged kicking and screaming along the way, I loved his matches. He was an inspiration to the non-bodybuilder types.

But now… he has become a cancer that needs to be removed.

Don’t believe me, just ask the locker room, non-biased media or even former employers who all have cut ties from him.

He has become what he hated in thin skinned, out of touch, and judgmental… the same things he labeled Triple H.

So far you can argue that Punk has been a bust for what AEW has paid for. For all his great matches, he has been hurt too often and missed time because he is no longer the young man he was. He has dropped pipe bombs that have pissed off locker room talent and caused fights. He has gone on rants during press conferences while making his boss, Tony Khan, look like a substitute teacher who has lost the classroom. And the fact is that he has not been this game changer than people in wrestling has made him out to.

The ratings for AEW have not increased since he arrived sans his debut and his long-awaited return. He is not getting AEW any mainstream publicity as he was never the star on the level of The Rock or John Cena. And he has not helped recruit any stars from other promotions that AEW couldn’t get.

In short for 9 million dollars per year, he has become a failed free agent signing that has not added anything game changing for AEW.

So cut him loose and just let him go somewhere else. Call it addition by subtraction.

For those who argue that you can’t get rid of a star; look at the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB where teams get rid of trade players who are stars but a liability.

CM Punk has become that. He is pro wrestling’s version of Kyrie Irving where everywhere he has gone; he has become a distraction.

Fans will be upset but the AEW target fans will follow AEW no matter what. It’s the casuals, the sponsors and even WBD that will be turned off as CM Punk continues to act out.

It’s time for Tony Khan to channel his inner Vince McMahon and tell Punk… “You’re Fired”.

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