Will Ospreay comments on potentially signing with WWE in 2024 and who he would like to face

Will Ospreay is under contract to NJPW until February of 2024 and there has been speculation about his future in wrestling. While speaking to The UK’s Metro, Ospreay commented on potentially signing with WWE in 2024…

“I mean, we have spoke about it more. I’m now open to the idea of stretching myself out that little bit more. As age has become more apparent to me and my body is hurting more and more, I’m open to all avenues. I’ve had a lot of talks with my friends about this, and I have spoke to the missus. Although we’ve spent so much money on our new kitchen, we are open to the idea of relocating to the United States.”

“But now it’s time for me to really gauge and see what’s out there. So the Seth [Rollins] thing does intrigue me quite a lot. I heard him say in a promo, his 100% is the best in the world. My 50% is the best in the world, so if you actually got me at 100% I think you’d drown in these waters mate.”