Video: Bray Wyatt has his first official match since returning to WWE

During the December 26th 2022 WWE live event at Madison Square Garden, Bray Wyatt competed in his first WWE match since returning to the company. Wyatt, who worked as a babyface, picked up a win over Jinder Mahal. Here is a recap from’s Mike Johnson…

“Jinder Mahal cut a promo saying he was upset he was disrespected he wasn’t in the ladder match later for the Intercontinental title. He challenged anyone to face him. Out came Bray Wyatt to a huge pop. Crowd chanted ‘This is awesome’ chant at the bell. Mahal had both knees taped up. They battled on floor and Bray was cut off returning to ring. He quickly made a comeback and scored the pin with Sister Abigail.”

As previously noted, Wyatt is rumored to be facing LA Knight in a “Pitch Black” match at the 2023 Royal Rumble PLE.