Baron Corbin comments on the changes made to WWE RAW under Triple H’s regime

During an appearance on the Johnny Dare Morning Show, Baron Corbin commented on the changes made to WWE RAW under Triple H’s regime…

“The show has gotten new energy, new life, and for me being on Monday nights, I’m still adjusting and being on the new schedule, getting into the roster and digging into who we can work with and who we want to beat up and who has the most punchable face, besides me. It’s fun, it’s nice, we’re not rushing anything. That’s one thing I love about Triple H, he’s a firm believer in ‘it’s a marathon, not a race [sprint].’ He likes to slow play things, and he doesn’t just waste people. If you don’t have something that is a big-time play or move on television, he’s like, ‘then you don’t need to be out there because it’s not good to just be out there.’ You want to have a purpose every time you go on television.”

“It’s still a lot of things for me to get used to where he’s like, ‘Hey, stay at home with your family this weekend, enjoy the weekend.’ ‘Wait, what?’ He’s a guy that really wants his talent and the families to be happy. Vince (McMahon) is the same as well, but his mentality is ‘go, go, go.’ That’s how he is, he’s incredible, he works out at 3 AM, he’s a machine and expects everyone else around him to be a machine. Everybody in WWE is capable of that, but it is nice to step back. I just took a cruise and was on a boat for seven days.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)