Update on Sasha Banks’ status with WWE and when she might return

Sasha Banks has not appeared on WWE television since the August 13th 2021 edition of Friday Night Smackdown and the reason for her absence has still not been disclosed. It was previously reported that Sasha’s absence is not due to an injury.

Sasha was not on the road for WWE this past weekend and Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com noted that unless there is a last-minute change, Sasha will not be returning to television this week.

Johnson wrote the following regarding when she might return…

“PWInsider.com has been told that the hope, should all go well, is that Banks will return to the road for the company the weekend of 9/10, which would be the Super Smackdown taping in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Nothing is 100% until it happens, but that is the current expectation internally.”

Sasha tweeted on Saturday in support of Mickie James and the NWA Empowerrr PPV event but has not publicly said anything about her absence from WWE events.