There is said to be “almost no chance” that Drew McIntyre appears at AEW All In

Drew McIntyre is reportedly out of action in WWE due to a “health issue” and there have been rumors of McIntyre possibly leaving the company when his contract expires.

There has been internet speculation about McIntyre debuting at the AEW All In event at Wembley Stadium in London, England but Dave Meltzer of noted that there is “almost no chance” of that happening. Meltzer stated the following…

“His contract expires months after that date so even if he were to leave WWE when the deal expires (a big if) and goes to AEW (which would be the most likely destination if he were to leave), that can’t happen until 2024. Also, WWE is likely to tack on all of this current period when he’s been out of action with an injury that would move the end of his deal back.”