The latest regarding how WWE feels about Scott Steiner

As previously noted, it’s believed that WWE changed Rex Steiner’s name to Bron Breakker because the company wanted to trademark his ring name.

There has been fan speculation that the name was changed because WWE doesn’t want to work with the Steiner Brothers. According to Paul Davis of, a source indicated that Vince McMahon doesn’t have issues with Scott Steiner and is willing to do business. Davis wrote the following…

“The source reiterated that Vince McMahon doesn’t have the same issues that he did with Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior so if Scott wants to talk then Vince will likely listen.”

The belief is that Scott Steiner isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame because he doesn’t want to be inducted. Davis added that Steiner reportedly turned down a Legends contract offer at one point.

Three years ago, Steiner was interviewed by and called WWE a “horrible” product. Steiner was also critical of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.