Special segment with The Miz and Grayson Waller takes place during WWE Crown Jewel 2023 PLE

In a special segment for the 2023 WWE Crown Jewel PLE, The Miz interviewed actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj for Miz TV but it was interrupted by Grayson Waller. Waller hijacked Miz’s segment and made it The Grayson Waller Effect. Al Hajjaj said he came there to be on the hottest show… Miz TV.

Waller told Al Hajjaj to get out of his ring. Al Hajjaj was ready to fight but then Waller took a cheap shot at him. Miz attacked Waller and laid him out with a skull crushing finale. Al Hajjaj hit a People’s Elbow to Waller and celebrated with Miz.