Results of the men’s cage match at WWE NXT WarGames 2021

Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, and LA Knight vs. Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, and Tony D’Angelo in a WarGames match

* Gargano made his entrance to his old theme music as he started the match against Hayes. Gargano’s ring gear was also a collage of his various attires from over the years. The crowd did a “Johnny War Games” as thing got underway. Gargano sent Hayes into the cage several times and then hit a sunset flip powerbomb.

* Grayson Waller entered the match but Gargano held his own for a bit until the numbers caught up with him. Trick Williams threw a chair into the cage and Hayes used it on Gargano. Dunne came in cleaned house on Hayes and Waller. Gargano and Dunne then put on dueling submissions as the crowd did a “this is awesome” match. Waller made a comeback and hit stunners to Gargano and Dunne.

* D’Angelo was next to and Trick Williams helped bring multiple tables into the ring. Dexter Lumis then came from under the ring and chased Williams away. D’Angelo padlocked the cage door shut and LA Knight couldn’t get into the ring. LA Knight managed to climb over the top and get into the match. Dunne used a kendo stick on Waller’s giners as the Black and Gold competitors dominated.

* The referees had bolt cutters. Breakker got the cutters and broke the chain although it took him some time. Breakker took Gargano and threw him into the other ring onto Dunne and LA Knight. The crowd chanted “Ciampa’s gonna kill you” as Ciampa made his entrance. Ciampa worked over all four guys before sitting on a trash can and patting his back.

* Gargano saved Ciampa from an attack using a crutch. Crowd chanted “DIY” as Ciampa took the crutch and used it on the 2.0 team.

* 2.0 gained the upper hand but then LA Knight suplexed Waller off the top rope through a table and the crowd did a “holy shit” chant.

* Ciampa hit an avalanche air raid crash to Breakker onto a trash can but Breakker kicked out.

* LA Knight was laid out on a table and Waller hit a flying elbow off the top of the cage through a table. D’Angelo went for the pin but Dunne broke it up. D’Angelo then grabbed a crowbar and used it on Dunne.

* DIY double teamed Breakker and they went for a pin but Hayes broke it up. Hayes hit a low blow to Gargano but then Ciampa hit a running knee to Hayes. Ciampa went for the fairy tale ending on Hayes but Breakker speared Ciampa through a table. Breakker pulled down the straps and finished off Ciampa to score the pinfall victory.