Report on why The Young Bucks didn’t want to have a sit-down meeting with CM Punk

As previously noted, The Elite reportedly called off a sit-down meeting with CM Punk prior to the 2023 AEW All In PPV event.

Dave Meltzer of noted that around the time a meeting was being discussed, AEW had “informed The Young Bucks of a legal letter sent to the company that claimed they had violated the agreement from months back to not talk negatively about the other publicly.” The letter was apparently sent due a skit on Being The Elite where they wanted Matt to apologize for screwing up an endorsement deal although Punk’s name was never mentioned.

Meltzer brought up how the legal letter along with various Punk-related issues involving names such as Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels led to the Bucks turning down the idea of having a meeting. Meltzer added that “one person very close to the situation said that the Bucks had said if six months went by without any issues, they would have been willing to sit down and work with him.”

According to Meltzer, it’s believed that other incidents involving Punk took place that were minor and unreported.