News regarding John Cena’s drawing power in 2023 since returning to WWE television

John Cena returned to WWE television during the September 1st 2023 edition of Smackdown and is slated for additional WWE events through October 2023.

Twitter account @WrestleTix noted that ticket sales have picked up for the Smackdown events Cena is scheduled for. The following list shows the amount of tickets that were sold in the days after Cena started being advertised…

Denver, CO for 9/15 – 1,263 tickets
Glendale, AZ for 9/22 – 1,469 tickets
St. Louis, MO for 10/6 – 1,541 tickets
Tulsa, OK for 10/13 – 622 tickets
San Antonio, TX for 10/20 – 997 tickets
Milwaukee, WI for 10/27 – 1,489 tickets

@WrestleTix wrote that Colorado “is heading toward a complete sellout thanks to Cena (it was going to do well regardless but he really pushed it over the top).”