Possible reason why Mustafa Ali was released from WWE despite being featured on NXT television

On Thursday morning, multiple WWE superstars were released from the company following Endeavor’s acquisition including Mustafa Ali.

According to Nick Hausman of HausOfWrestling.com, the belief is that Ali was not completely caught off-guard by his release from WWE. Hausman was told that Ali appeared to be “upbeat” and was smiling during his brief NXT stint although others felt that he was unhappy with his position in the company. A WWE source felt that Ali was never going to get an opportunity to truly shine in the company but was described as “the ultimate pro.”

Hausman also noted the following…

“One possible reason that was given to us for Ali’s release was his recent politically charged vignette on WWE NXT TV. The change in character had been pitched by Ali for the main roster in the past but was never followed through on. Once some in WWE saw the vignette on NXT TV, some ‘freaked out’ because Fox had expressed nervousness about Ali heading in that direction. The political angle was dropped shortly after.”

Despite the political angle being dropped, Hausman confirmed that there were creative plans for Ali to be involved in Dominik Mysterio’s North American title defense against Dragon Lee on this coming Monday’s edition of RAW.